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Monday was a sad day for Tottenham Speakers, we had to say goodbye to Daphne Furlonge who has been the inspiration behind getting Tottenham Speakers to where it is today.  It’s through Daphne’s determination, dedication and dynamic energy that our club exists today.  For each of us that are members is a result of Daphne enabling, encouraging and nurturing us to make that step and start our Toastmasters journey.  Daphne is off to Montserrat for almost a year to take up a teaching position, and while she is there, she will definitely be continuing on her Toastmasters journey by starting a new club there.     Tottenham Speakers would like to wish Daphne all the best and until we meet again we will really miss her.

In her final role as our Topics Master Daphne gave us some soul searching questions.    The stories everyone shared were personal and straight from the soul.  As a speaker having a personal story can really engage an audience.   When preparing your speeches think about how you can incorporate a personal story into it.  These were the soul searching questions:

  1. What is your message to the world?
  2. If we learn from our mistakes, why are we so afraid to make them?
  3. If today was your last day to live, who would you call and what would you say?
  4. When helping someone, are you thinking what’s in it for me?
  5. If you had one year to live what would you do or would you continue doing what you are currently doing?

If you had to answer these table topic questions what would your answer be?  Share your comments below or get in touch on your favourite social media and tell us.

We had three prepared speeches, first up was Eoin who delivered his icebreaker which was a moving account of the three major turning points he has had in his life.  A superb start by Eoin we look forward to hearing more of his speeches.  Next up was our past president Allison with speech number 4 from the Competent Communication Manual which focuses on how to get a clear message across. It was a wonderful speech about her wise great grandmother’s message to seize opportunities as they come because they only knock once.  The final speaker for the night was Abdullah with speech 7, where he had to demonstrate he had researched his topic.  Abdullah with great humour presented us with the different ways we can perfect our art of persuasion.

For those of you working on increasing your vocabulary, our Grammarian Giulia introduced the word of the day “Adamant” an adjective meaning “impossible to persuade, or unwilling to change an opinion”.     

Congratulations to our winners on the night:

Janice, who came as our guest – voted Best Table Topic Speaker

Eoin for completing his icebreaker

Abdullah and Allison – voted Best Speakers

Daphne – voted Best Evaluator


Thank you to Chris Bloomfield from Society Speaks for being our General Evaluator.


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