Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest – 4 September 2017

The day finally arrived and all that preparation and hard work paid off in a well-run contest. Taking part in a speech contest is an important part of the Toastmasters journey because it propels us towards being better public speakers. While being involved in organising these contests, and taking a role on the day also helps us to become more effective leaders.

Speech contests are great for 3 reasons:

1 Improves Confidence

The process of gaining more confidence in speaking in public takes time. Getting over the initial nervousness in an icebreaker speech is partially a function of getting used to speaking in front of a group of relative strangers. As we go through the speech projects in our Competent Communicator Manual, speaking in our home club can make us get comfortable and that edge of adrenalin we once had, when we first started can begin to fade. How to get back that edge of adrenalin? Take part in a contest, because it squeezes the best performance out of us, as we become stretched beyond our comfort zone. It’s also where a higher level of confidence is achieved.

2 Get to Network

Sometimes our view of Toastmasters can seem small when we just attend our home club meetings. A contest starts at the club level, then goes on to area, division, regional, and finally international. It’s only when we attend contests that we then realise just how wide the world of Toastmasters really is. The contests gives us opportunities to interact with Toastmasters from other clubs, and share lots of ideas. It really is an excellent network we can tap into because everyone in the network is motivated by self-improvement, or they wouldn’t have joined Toastmasters.

3 Opportunity to Learn

Everyone who takes part in a contest will have their share of memories and impressions that will propel them forward. Whatever part we play in the contest we can enjoy the process and see the contest as a place to learn. We can use the time to evaluate our own performances from watching the contestants and ask ourselves how we can make our best, a little better.

Well done to everyone that took part in our contest.

· Table Topic Contestants: Bridget, Chi-BK and Lewis

· Humorous Speech: Abdullah, Chi- BK, Giulia and Tom

Congratulations to our winners Abdullah and Lewis who will represent Tottenham Speakers at the Area 47 Humorous Speech & Table Topic Contest on 26 September 2017.

Thank you to everyone that helped organise, and took a role on the day, with a special thanks to

Contest Chairs: Alison and Alkesh

Judges: Richard Collyer (Area Director), Marie Boghiu (Society Speakers), and Chief Judge Nick Youngman (Northern Lights).

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