Exceptional Evaluations Workshop by Freddie Daniells – 31 July 2017

At Tottenham Speakers our club meetings are on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. With July having 5 Mondays we decided to take advantage of this extra Monday and organise an Evaluation Workshop with Freddie Daniells.

During this interactive workshop Freddie got us to think about what great feedback looks like and why we feel challenged in giving evaluations. He demonstrated the ways in which we are wired to look for negative feedback and focus on the things that didn’t work as opposed to the things that did. Freddie explained how our brains are pattern recognition engines, where many of our decisions and thoughts are based on patterns we have learnt over time. If we have received negative feedback from others throughout our lives we may find ourselves unable to define our true capabilities. The type of feedback we give matters because it is either building people up or tearing them down.

Freddie broke down all the ingredients we needed in order to give exceptional evaluations. We were then given an opportunity in the second half to put into practise everything that we had learnt by evaluating Lewis’ rendition of his speech no 2 from the Competent Communication Manual entitled “Lucid Dreams”.

Freddie let us in to a little secret on one of the best books to help us with our evaluations which is only available when we join Toastmasters, you guessed it, it’s the “Toastmasters International Competent Communication Manual”. Everything we need is in there. He left us with one valuable tip; I will encourage all of us to do. Evaluate every person who gets on stage and give them feedback, as it is our opportunity to learn and improve our evaluation skills.

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