Club Night – Monday 17 July 2017

Don’t Just Fly, Soar to New Heights

We had another sensational meeting at Tottenham Speakers on Monday night. The theme of our meeting was FLYING. Our pilot was Toastmaster Osi. He came ready to help us soar to new heights. This he did with great energy throughout the meeting.

Up next was, Not So Timid Tom, our Timekeeper. With his green, amber and red signals he acted as our air traffic controller, enabling us to have a smooth take-off and landing.

Lewis, our Grammarian, provided an interesting word of the day – “Albeit”. This conjunction word helped us along our journey. After listening to all our grammar usage, Lewis returned later in the meeting and reminded us that “so” is actually a filler-word. Instead of saying “so”, he suggested that we smile and allow the silence.

Our Table Topics Master BK gave us an opportunity to practice our interview techniques. Attending interviews are an essential part of our career journey – any help we can get to become more proficient is always welcome. Table Topics is a really great way to practice your interview skills, as it gives you an opportunity to think quickly under pressure. This is needed in any interview situation.

Another wonderful thing about table topics is that it enables guests, to take part in the meeting. Everyone benefited from the valuable feedback given by Alkesh our Table Topics Evaluator. He gave us some useful takeaway points to try outside the meeting.

A little confession

When I first came as a guest to Tottenham Speakers Club nearly 2 years ago, I wasn’t sure if I was going to join. I had planned to come as a guest a few times and try it out. My very first visit was on 3rd August 2015. I was gently encouraged to take part in my first Table Topic and amazingly I won Best Table Topics Speaker. WOW! What that did for my confidence was phenomenal. Before that I believed that I wasn’t that great at impromptu speaking. Was I was proved wrong! A week later, I was able to go to an interview and get the job. The hiring manager congratulated me saying that I have given the best interview they had heard in a long time. At the very next meeting I attended in September 2015 I became a Toastmaster. I haven’t looked back since.

Just Do It!

If you’re still thinking about whether to join Toastmasters or Tottenham Speakers Club, my advice is: “Just do it!” Too much thinking leads to excuses and procrastination. Toastmasters will definitely give both you and your career a boost.

Prepared Speeches

In the second half of the meeting we had two inspiring and thought provoking prepared speeches. First up was Lola with speech no 5 from the Competent Communication Manual. Using body language to enhance her message, Lola explained to us why laziness may actual help us become the best version of ourselves.

I went next, achieving a milestone by completing my final speech – no 10 – from the Competent Communication Manual. Using everything I’ve learnt on my Toastmasters journey, I inspired the audience to think about the power of our mind and the strategies we can use to help win the internal mind battles we all face on our road to success.


Evaluations are key to a speaker’s growth in Toastmasters. Both Lola and I were given the necessary feedback from two strong evaluators – Daphne and BK. Evaluations are such an important part of toastmasters because they help us understand what we are doing really well and where we can make improvements. Being great at giving feedback is a beneficial skill to have even in situations outside of Toastmasters; for example at home with our partners and children or in the workplace with our colleagues and assistants.

Because we at Tottenham Speakers want everyone to have an opportunity to develop the very important skill of giving feedback, we are holding an Evaluation Workshop, with Evaluation Expert Freddie Daniells. It will be held on 31st July 2017 at 6.30pm at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre. It’s FREE to attend. So, if you have a partner, children, or especially a job, then come along and learn how to give feedback that gets results.


At every meeting we recognise those who we think perform really well – they get something to take away as a reminder of how well they did. At this meeting we thought the following people were our best:

BK – Best Evaluator

Lucretia, who came as a guest – Best Table Topic Speaker

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Bridget Badoe McQuick VP Public Relations – Tottenham Speakers Club


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