Being Spontaneous – Club Meeting 7 August 2017

Toastmasters not only improves our communication and public speaking skills, it also builds our leadership skills. For each club meeting at Tottenham Speakers, members take on roles that helps the meeting run smoothly. On Monday due to unforeseen circumstances, we found ourselves in a position where we had fewer members than we had anticipated to carry out roles and give prepared speeches. With an influx of guests the show had to go on. Our President, Toastmaster and only speaker for the night BK took the reins and introduced us to the benefits of spontaneity.

BK started the meeting with two icebreaker games that got both guests and members up talking, laughing and into a playful state ready for a fun night. This set the stage for our guests who all delivered wonderful, entertaining table topics. Despite the rain, as Table Topics Master I added our own bit of sunshine by theming the topic questions on the “Joys of Summer”.

Eoin our Timekeeper reminded us that we do in fact have enough time; the problem is that we haven’t quite learnt how to use it well. Following on from our recent Evaluation Workshop with Freddie Daniells, Tom our only Evaluator for the night gave us tips, hints and tricks that we can deploy in our own speeches.

Our Grammarian Alkesh presented us with “Rejoice” as the word of the day, which means “to show great joy or delight”. In his grammarian report Alkesh rejoiced with the superb usage of grammar that he heard throughout the evening, that he gave us an extra special gift; a mini grammar session on the use of rhetorical devices in our speeches:

· Alliteration occurs when words that have the same sound are repeated at the beginning of a sentence

· Anaphora occurs with the repetition of words at the beginning of several lines

· Metaphor a figure of speech, where a comparison is made in a figurative way

· Hyperbole is the use of extreme exaggeration to make a point Visit for tips on building your vocabulary.

BK delivered speech no 5 from the Competent Communication Manual, which explores the use of body language to make our speeches more effective. It was a powerful speech that left us with the message that we need to populate our minds with positive images and words to push ourselves to greatness.

As always in true Toastmasters style we congratulated our winner on the night;

Sam, who came as a guest- who was voted Best Table Topics Speaker!

What our session on Monday taught me is that spontaneity is something that we all possess within us. It really is about conquering our fears, and removing the mental blocks to our innate creativity so we can let our inner-self shine.

Our new motto at Tottenham Speakers is “We can and we definitely will”!

With this motto in mind – who can and who will be at our Humorous Speech and Table Topic Contest on Monday 4th September at 6.30pm at Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Town Hall Approach, London N15 4RX.

Our next club meeting is on Monday 21 August 2017 at 6.30pm, for more information and a list of future dates visit our Meetup page

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